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How To Detail Strip The Feed / Action Assembly The M1 Garand

In order to relieve the tension on the action, the first thing to do is to remove the Operating Rod Spring. To accomplish this grab the Follower Rod just behind the Operating Rod Catch while at the same time holding the rear part of the receiver with my other hand and use my index finger to hold the slide and follower assembly down onto the bolt.

While maintaining the position of the receiver pull the Follower Rod straight back. This will disconnect it from the Follower Arm as shown in the photograph below. Once you have cleared the Operating Rod Catch - slowly allow the spring to extend in a controlled fashion.

When the spring has 'relaxed' pull both it and the Follower Rod from their resting place inside the piston portion of the Operating Rod as shown in the photograph below.

Now remove the Follower Rod from the Operating Rod Spring. Note how the Operating Rod Spring necks down just a little. Make note of this as the spring will have to be placed back on the Follower Rod in this way when it is time to reassemble the rifle.

Once the spring tension is relieved, further disassembly can take place.

Continue detail stripping by removing the Follower Arm Pin.

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