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As noted on the previous page, we are firm believers in the GI Combo Tool. While there are other ways to perform the task of removing the extractor we have found that the GI Combo Tool really does the best job in a simple way.

To remove the Extractor get a firm grip of the brush end of the tool. Note the little metal tab on the side of the brush's base. This will act like a lever.

Next insert the brush's base into the face of the bolt making sure that the 'lever' part of the tool protrudes from in between the edge of the bolt and the extractor. At this stage a fairly large amount of pressure needs to be applied to the brush base so that the ejector spring is compressed.

When you have applied enough pressure that the entire bottom of the brush base touches the face of the bolt turn the combo tool clockwise so that the 'lever' pushes up and out on the extractor. Note how we put a finger or thumb over the extractor when doing this operation. This keeps it from flying off in an uncontrolled fashion.

When the extractor comes free - slowly release pressure on the combo tool. I maintain full pressure on the tool during this entire operation so the ejector does not fly out of the bolt and become lost.

After controlling the release of the ejector simply push the extractor the rest of the way out, remove it and set it aside.

With the extractor off, prepare to remove the ejector.

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