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One of the most important things to remember about the M1 Garand's operation is that the old rifles really like to be properly lubricated. When originally manufactured M1s were made in such a way that they could be fired dry, (and this was done a lot in the Korean war thanks to the very frigid temperatures being incompatible with the grease), with 50 years worth of wear on most M1s our opinion is that it is a good idea to lubricate fairly meticulously.

We have been lucky in that our local surplus store has been stocking a grease known as Plastilube. This is one of the two lubricants (the other being Lubriplate) that we hav seen recommended for use with the M1 most often.

In the photos below you will see what is probably too much grease being illustrated. We did this for photographic clarity as smaller amounts did not show up well because of the fill-flash.

Begin by lubricating the receiver, specifically the area where the operating rod will slide. then grease the inside area of the receiver where the bolt will be moved back and forth as well as the areas where the bolt lugs lock down.

Next lubricate the bolt. Grease the bottom lightly and then the sides as well as the lugs. Basically any portion of the metal that will come into moving contact with other metal parts gets a little bit of lubrication.

When you have lubed these areas of the rifle sufficiently, replace the bolt.

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